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Wednesday, November 2, 2005

A pixel's worth a thousandth of a letter

Yesterday, I was thinking. (Yeah, I know. That's dangerous.) So a picture's worth a thousand words. The average picture nowadays is about 5MP. That means that 1000 words = 5000000 pixels. Dividing, I get that 1 pixel = 1/5000 words. If the average word is 5 letters long (which it is), that makes a letter worth 1000 pixels. That's not much. Given the that a good cheap pixel is about 5 cents, that's still a $50.00 letter. charges 90 cents a word. Using the value of 5 letters per word, that's only 18 cents per letter. Not too bad, eh? (No, I'm not Canadian. If I was, I would care a lot more about hockey.) Consider SMS. Given the rates of various companies, the average SMS has a maximum of about 150 characters. At ten cents a message, that's 10 cents/150 characters = .0666666666 cents per letter. That makes SMS seem pretty cheap, doesn't it? So considering our digital world nowadays, I think that $50.00 a letter is drastically overpriced. We need a letter to cost a lot less. You know what? I want to define a new number of words per picture. Let's say .06666666 cents. And a pixel costs 5 cents. That way, we can calculate: 1 picture(5000000px/picture)(5 cents/px)(1 letter/.0666666 cents)(1 word/5 letters) = 75 million words per picture. Ah, I think "a picture is worth 75 million words" is much more appropriate for our digital age. And it's just simple math.

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Geeky and good! Thanks for the smile.