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Monday, November 7, 2005

Have Firefox, will travel

Something I've come across and been using lately is the Portable ______ suite (if you want to call it that, which I do). John Haller has created versions of several cool apps like Thunderbird (the firefox version of Outlook), OpenOffice, Nvu (Mozilla's - that's the Firefox people, in case you didn't know - web design app), Sunbird (Mozilla's (who else?) calendar app), and of course Firefox itself. I have Portable Firefox on my jump drive, for those oh-too-often occasions when I encounter a computer with only *gasp* Internet Explorer! Pardon me while I scrub down my keyboard...done. But the far more useful place I have found for these apps is at school, where we each have our own network drive. Since I often can't install anything on the computers (permissions and such), I have installed portable firefox, Nvu, and OpenOffice on my network drive. That way, I can simply open up my network drive and have three very useful applications. I especially like it with firefox, because I like my firefox all themed and extensioned up (maybe I'll list all my favorite mods later), and it annoyed me that I couldn't have my firefox like I wanted it. Then I found And it made me happy. Because I can load up firefox with whatever I want, and no matter what computer I run it off of, it is the same. And I am happy. Unfortunately, I am writing this in just normal firefox, because I'm on a computer where it's a pain to get to my portable firefox. But I can install stuff to my network drive (like Portable Open Office) that require administrative privileges, so it's all good. So if you want your browser/office suite/web designer/calendar/email wherever and however you want it, check out Haller's work. It's good stuff.

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