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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Firefox doesn't load images from a specific site

And how to fix it. So if your Firefox doesn't show images on a site or a website, or firefox blocks images from a domain, or something like that, here's a tip. I found that my favorite forum's images were being blocked. Since I happen to be a Mod, it caused problems. But it was only on that copy of firefox. And I noticed that off-site images loaded. After disabling all my extensions (the first step when troubleshooting Firefox), the images still didn't show. So I delved into the options, where I had been before. But I found a button this time. Under Tools->Options->Content, next to the "Load Images" box, there was an "Exceptions" button. I clicked it, and somehow, my forum site had gotten in there. I removed it, and all was hunky-dory. Who knows how it got there, but it was. So I'm happy, and I thought I'd share it with the world, since the internet wasn't much help in solving my dilemma.