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Monday, April 20, 2009

I like Natan Last

So a week ago, I was making my way through a NYT crossword (April 13th, to be specific), and was pleasantly surprised when the very first clue ("Best-selling computer game in the 1990s") turned out to be the much-beloved "MYST" that I still haven't come close to completing, mostly for lack of trying. I didn't think anything of it, and the other geekier clues, until 37 across: "Widespread Internet prank involving a bait-and-switch link to a music video". The answer, of course, was RICKROLLING (link is just YouTube, no worries). I was duly impressed - who was this crossword author, that had the guts to rickroll (well, sort of) over a million NYT readers? And that's not all. There were some other geeky clues, varying from catering to a geekier crowd to an outright reference to geek culture:
28D: "Nick at ______" (NITE)
33D: "Jobs at Apple" (STEVE) - this is why I love crosswords.  Little puns and twists like this.
 1D: "Owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant on 'The Simpsons'" (MRBURNS)
30D: "'2001' computer" (HAL)
64D: "Letters at the end of a proof" (QED)
I looked up the guy, and it turns out he's a now 17-year old crossword genius. Which makes the geeky clues make a lot of sense.
The end result being I quite enjoyed solving this puzzle, and it made me smile a bit. Kudos to you, Mr. Last.

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