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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Will skype be another paypal?

When I heard that eBay was buying skype a while back, my stomach went plunk. I remembered when eBay bought paypal, which made plenty of sense, but still caused much outrage with the fees and such induced. eBay is out there to make money. I don't really care, frankly, how this move will benefit eBay, as I'm sure it will. I just know that I liked Skype. It was a good little company, out there for the good of its users. Sure it wanted to make money, but I didn't get the feel that that was their overbearing, only purpose. But $4.1 billion is quite a hunk of cash, and I can understand why they would sell out. Principles of software and helping users only go so far. I should have liked to see someone like Google buy it out, like they did something called Blogger. Google just has the spirit of things like Blogger and Skype. I like Google (there are reasons I use Blogger). But I don't like eBay, I don't trust eBay in what they'll do to Skype. Who knows, they may keep the spirit of skype and free service and personal, homey feel. But I'm not holding my breath.

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